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Tree Huggin' Tribe.

It Started as a Minor Defeat...

Me to my kids one year ago: "Just go outside for a little while, please?!"

Their response (in unison): "But...but...what about my game?"

Me giving up: "Oh fine, take your iPads with you! Just. Go. Out. Side."

Special launch offer: one month FREE and only $9.95 thereafter.

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And just like that:

The Tree Huggin' Tribe was born!

Did you know nature and technology can - and do - coexist?

Do your kids enjoy nature, but you still find yourself struggling to get them to go outside?

If you answered "YES," don't worry - you're not alone. For many parents, it's a daily challenge to get their kids to put down their electronic devices and go outside. Trust me, I'm right there with you. If you've ever said (or thought) the following when trying to convince your child that nature is cool...

 "When I was a kid, I used to play outside all day long - in fact, your grandma would get mad when I didn't come home in time for supper."

 "Yes, I know it's snowing. Get your boots on; go make snow angels or build a snow fort or track the neighborhood cat. It's called 'fun in the great outdoors.'"

 "Bugs live outside, kiddo. Since we're camping outside, the answer to your question is, yes...there will be bugs. Instead of worrying about them, why don't you use the magnifying glass and bugger catcher I got you for your birthday to learn more about them?"

 "Bored? How can you be bored? There's an entire world of things to explore in our backyard: beetles, flowers, baby snakes...and when you're done with that, you can move on to searching for bird nests, 4-leaf clovers, and clouds shaped like bunnies!"

Why Join the Tree Huggin' Tribe?

Nature education is important for every child.

Explore the natural world.

Tree Huggin' Tribe members develop knowledge and understanding of the environment through interaction with the natural world. This interaction takes many forms, but each activity focuses on your local neighborhood and incorporates technology in the form of your child's tablet.

Engage in problem-solving.

Your child will use the tools and apps provided each month to question, investigate, and draw conclusions based on their own observations of nature. The best part: you won't have to forcibly remove that tablet from their shockingly strong fingers to accomplish these goals.

Take action on environmental issues.

Not only will your child learn more about nature, spend time outdoors in the sun and fresh air, and develop problem-solving skills, they'll also begin to understand some of the challenges facing our planet and the human race (and maybe even choose to take action).

"One day I just decided it wasn't worth the struggle anymore. It's not like computers are going to magically disappear - might as well embrace it!"

If you've visited my website, you've probably seen my "digital nature scavenger hunts." That's what I started doing for my kids to encourage them to play outside more. When it worked (and worked well), I decided to expand beyond the simple scavenger hunt to include extended topical exploration. And yes, my kids test drive every lesson I prepare!
Tree Huggin' Mom

Enjoy one month free and only $9.95/month thereafter for as long as you're a member.

Let Me Give You a Sneak Peak

The video at the top of this page is an example of my kiddos enjoying a Tree Huggin' Tribe lesson on animal adaptations. Here's more of what you'll get when you become a member of the Tree Huggin' Tribe...

Nature Trivia

 Each weekly topic is introduced with a set of 5 trivia questions (one for each weekday), along with answers and references (for mom and dad).
 Trivia questions are specially designed to encourage your child to explore the topic a little more each day.
 Answers to the trivia questions become more involved as the week progresses, building anticipation for the weekend lesson.
 We're not talking about simple 'yes' or 'no' questions - I've done my homework, and your child will learn lots of fun and interesting facts before they even get to the main lesson!

Get your first month free - and then only $9.95/month

Nature Lessons

 You'll receive 4 nature lessons each month (that's 48 total per year, plus 4 additional bonus holiday lessons). Lessons can be downloaded from the membership site in PDF and HTML formats.
 Lessons include a specific question about a nature topic, background information and video links, an outdoor activity component, and a related, hands-on project. One of the 4 lessons may be a virtual field trip, designed specifically for rainy days (so it's not necessary for your child to go outside if the weather doesn't allow).
 You'll receive instructions on how to upload lessons to your child's Apple iPad or Android tablet, along with any apps you'll need to download.
 Each lesson will guide your child through various stages of learning: introduction to the topic, questioning and research, hands-on discovery, and revelations that prompt your child to want to learn more.
 Lessons can be printed if you don't want your child to use their tablet (or you don't have one).

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For Mom and Dad

 Parents will find a number of additional downloads available on the membership website, including a Trello board (Trello is a free organization and project planning app) that allows you to keep everything in one centralized location, a PDF calendar with nature trivia questions listed each day, and more!
 Video instructions for using the apps I suggest will be provided. Most apps are free to use.
 You'll have access to all lessons as long as you're an active member, including updates and bonus lessons (I plan to offer bonus lessons around major holidays).
 Each lesson is kid-tested and kid-approved before I upload it to the membership site. If something doesn't work for my kiddos, I listen to their suggestions and re-work things to ensure they're getting the most out of every lesson.
 You'll set up a secure user name and password to access the membership site and your downloads. Your personal information will never be sold or shared with anyone else. 
The lessons are super easy to set up. Once you upload a lesson to your child's tablet, you can send them outside and let them discover on their own.

The launch offer won't last long, so join now to secure the $9.95/month special price!

Awesome Apps & Websites

 Each month will include a short list of websites and/or apps that relate to the nature topics addressed. This will allow for further exploration if your child chooses.
 Safety is key. I will never recommend an app or website without personally vetting it first.
 Most of the apps and websites I suggest include interactive components designed to engage your child's brain and encourage them to spend more time outdoors.

Individual lessons will be priced at $4.95 in my store. By joining the Tribe, you get 4 lessons for the price of 2.


 The membership home page will include a link to the Tree Huggin' Tribe's private Facebook group which gives you and your child the option to share your thoughts on the various topics and activities.
 Posts will be monitored daily. Any negative or inappropriate comments will be removed immediately.
 Members are also encouraged to post photos or screen captures that highlight their discoveries and projects. I love to hear from my fellow Tribe members! With Mom and Dad's permission, I'll even upload these gems to the membership site for others to enjoy as well.
 My ultimate goal is to set up a Tree Huggin' Tribe Forum that will allow members to post images, screen captures, documents, artwork, etc. inside the membership site.

What are you waiting for? There's no risk to try it out!

This is how I spent my childhood...

But Not My Kiddos!

They spend their free time playing games on their tablets. What if I could provide you with an educational and entertaining program that encourages your children to use those tablets to learn more about the natural world - the natural world?

Special launch offer: one month free and only $9.95/month thereafter.

Claim Your Membership Today and Get These Free Bonuses!

The Free Bonuses expire when the launch offer countdown hits zero.

Secure your membership at $9.95/month before the price goes up!

Here are the Bonuses You'll Receive When You Join the Tree Huggin' Tribe Today!

Bonus #1: National Days & Nature Happenings Digital Calendar

My "National Days & Nature Happenings" digital calendar is full of fun nature facts, holidays, and special events around the world. Works best when used with a note-taking app like GoodNotes or Notability.

($19.95 Value)

Bonus #2: Set of 5 Digital Nature Scavenger Hunts

You'll receive the 3 digital nature scavenger hunts offered on my website for joining my mailing list + 2 more bonus hunts! Get the most out of these fun scavenger hunts by viewing them in a note-taking app like GoodNotes or Notability.

($14.75 Value)

Bonus #3: Digital Nature Journal

This digital nature journal will prompt your children to express themselves in multiple ways, including photography, poetry, storytelling, drawing, and painting. Works best when used with a note-taking app like GoodNotes or Notability.

($12.95 Value)

The Total Value of the Bonuses Amounts to More than $45!

So...What's the Catch?

I know there are websites out there that offer you something "too good to be true" for a low price...or even free, but then expect you to purchase additional product(s) to fully utilize your original purchase (or freebies). Well, this isn't one of those websites. After you click the "Sign Me Up!" button, you won't be redirected to 10 more web pages offering you more stuff for more money.

Nope. This is it.

Join the Tribe, get the freebies, and smile when you look out your kitchen window to see your kids playing outside together (and learning stuff too!)

The Free Bonuses Worth $47.65 Expire When The Countdown Hits Zero!

Are you disappointed when your kids refuse to go outside?

Do You Wish There Was a Way to Change That?

What if I could reduce the struggle, while providing the same sense of adventure and love of nature you experienced when you were a kid? Those times aren't gone; we just have to work a little harder to find them now. I can help you do that!

Special launch offer: one month free and only $9.95/month thereafter.

You Get Your Money's Worth...And Then Some...With This Membership!

And if it doesn't work for your kiddos, you can cancel anytime.

Here's A Quick Description Of What You'll Get

Maintain your membership, and you'll have access to all of these features (and more):

 Four new nature lessons each month
 Trivia questions that introduce the key concepts for each nature lesson
 For Mom and Dad: all materials in one place online - simple setup for lessons
 A community of like-minded individuals and a former park naturalist (that's me!)

Explore your membership and all its benefits for the first month for FREE! Just $9.95/month thereafter.

Who Should Join the Tree Huggin' Tribe?

The Tree Huggin' Tribe has something for everyone!

 Homeschooling Parents

 Park Rangers and Park Naturalists

 Science "Geeks"



 Nature "Nerds"

 Fellow Tree Huggers


 Moms and Dads who love nature!

 Grandma and Grandpa - makes a great gift for the grandkids!

 and Everybody Else!


So, if you're struggling to get your kids to explore the natural world in their own backyards...

If you want your child to receive more STEM education than what they're currently being taught in elementary school...

If you agree that nature and technology can co-exist...

This Membership Is For You!

Wondering why you should put your trust in me and join the Tree Huggin' Tribe right now?

Well, I started out like most of you - playing outside from early morning until the sun set, especially during the summer months. I learned to love nature through observation and exploration.

That love of the great outdoors didn't stop as I grew older and wiser. Quite the opposite, actually.

I became a State Park Naturalist shortly after graduating with a Master's degree in the natural sciences. For over 10 years, I taught children just like yours the importance of caring for our natural world.

So, not only am I passionate about the environment and all it has to teach us, I'm also qualified to do just that...teach. And I love doing it!

I truly believe in the value of incorporating technology into nature study.

As parents, it's important for us to help our children prepare for the future. Technology is certainly a big part of their future. But we must also teach them to respect the Earth, because without that, there's no future at all.

The Tree Huggin' Tribe combines two important aspects of your child's future: environmental education and technology.'s fun for the kiddos!

Sign up now to get in at the low rate of only $9.95/month. Don't wait! The price goes up soon!

But Hey, Don't Take My Word For It!

Like I said, kid tested...kid approved.

Brenna, age 12

"Taking pictures and figuring out what animals eat was cool - the fact that house cats are really carnivores surprised me. I liked the way it was organized, and you can move the answers around or draw on each page if you want."

Lizzie, age 7

"This is fun! I like playing outside with my iPad and taking pictures of pretty flowers. And I can draw the flowers too. I want to learn about butterflies next."

Asher, age 7

"I liked the part where I learned new stuff - like the alligators with sharp teeth are carnivores. And taking pictures with my iPad was fun too."

Sounds like the kids approve...

So, what are you waiting for, Mom and Dad?
 There's no long term commitment. Cancel anytime by emailing

 Pay $9.95/month for as long as you like...or get a $20 discount for a yearly subscription (just $99.40) me to learn more.

 This membership is perfect for elementary-aged children. I'm already working on a middle school membership as well!

Get in at the best rate now. Your monthly fee will never increase as long as you remain a member.

Any Questions?

You said the monthly fee will increase after the launch countdown ends. What will the new rate be, and will my fee go up if I sign up now?

Good question! To be honest, the answer depends on how well the launch goes. Right now, I plan to raise the price from $9.95/month to $12.95/month sometime around the end of the year (2021). However, there's always a chance I may extend the launch countdown for an additional month or bring back the special pricing at a later date. Either way, if you sign up before the countdown ends, you'll pay $9.95/month for as long as you're an active member.

Is the material you provide appropriate for all ages?

The information provided in each nature lesson is geared towards elementary-aged children (1st - 5th grades). However, as you can see from the first review above, older children who have a genuine interest in science would benefit as well. I am currently working on a middle school version of this material, so more to come on that front soon. In short, if you have a middle schooler and you're not sure if they would find the lessons enjoyable, give it a try anyway. The first month is free, so there's nothing to lose.

It sounds like there are some apps I'll need to download. How much do they cost?

Each month I'll provide you with additional sources for information on the chosen nature topic, including websites, apps, videos, games, and podcasts. Most of those will be free to use. I will review each website, video and podcast, and I'm already using many of the apps I'll recommend on my own devices. At this time, the note-taking app (GoodNotes or Notability - they're basically the same) is the only one I know of with a one-time fee. Fees for those two apps range from $3.99 (on sale) to $8.99. I do not receive a commission from sales of either app.

I'm not familiar with Trello or GoodNotes/Notability. Will you provide clear instructions on how to use these apps?

Absolutely. I'll provide video tutorials for all three! The great thing is that not one of these apps is difficult to use. Trello is a free tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what you're currently working on (vs. already completed), who's working on what, and where something is in a particular process. Imagine a white board, filled with organized sticky notes - that's Trello. I love it! GoodNotes and Notability are considered "note-taking apps," but they do so much more. If you've considered joining the digital planner craze, you've probably heard of one of these apps. Opening a digital planner (or any PDF document) in a note-taking app allows you to move objects (called stickers) around on the document, take and insert photos, write notes (of course), color objects (think digital coloring book), and add text. I use both Trello and GoodNotes to organize my business.

It sounds like this is a new program. Will I get instant access or do I have to wait until a certain date to get the lessons?

Yes, this is a new program, and I'm still perfecting upcoming lessons for 2021. For early birds who sign up before August 1st (the official program start date), you'll be able to access the membership home page which includes a welcome statement, links to download apps, and app how-to videos. You'll also be able to download your freebies there. Access to the first set of lessons will automatically be provided on August 1 and the first of each month thereafter.

If you have additional questions, you can get in touch with me anytime. Just email me at That's "Tiffani" with an "i" on the end (instead of a "y")! I'm also available for one-on-one meetings via Zoom if you're having trouble with any of the tech.

Click on the button above to get started!

Here's My Personal Guarantee

I wouldn't have put the time and effort into creating something like this if I didn't believe in it wholeheartedly.

The story I told you above is true. I love nature. As a mom, I wanted nothing more than to instill that same love in my children. As the years passed and my kiddos seemed to "outgrow" their desire to play outside, I became more and more upset with myself. I felt I had failed as a parent. Then one day, as I sat outside on the porch watching my daughter squinting in the sun to see a game she was playing on her iPad and my son dancing to music blaring from his iPad, I realized I hadn't failed. I was just going about it the old-fashioned way.

With that in mind, I want to offer you my personal guarantee that the lessons you'll receive as a member of the Tree Huggin' Tribe will be factual, educational, entertaining, and meaningful. Environmental education isn't about telling a child how to think or what to think about the natural world. It's about giving that child the tools to discover the natural world on their own. That is my goal. I hope you'll join me in this endeavor.

Sign up today!

Ready to Hug Some Trees?

Just kidding. You don't have to hug a tree unless you really want to...I mean, it is pretty nice, but it's not a requirement. Just a suggestion...

Explore your membership and all its benefits for the first month for FREE! Just $9.95/month thereafter.

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